Truckee Customs Homes was founded on  the desire to provide their clients with exceptional craftsmanship, on  time service and meticulous attention to the finest details. At the  completion of every project Jim Riley and Truckee Custom Homes prides  themselves on having forged lasting relationships with all their  clients. Throughout their 17 years in business they have consistently  delivered on the expectation of unsurpassed quality on every aspect of  the project.

Truckee Custom Homes feels that when  designing a home, not all details can be thought of before the home  starts construction or before a particular phase of the project has  begun. Designing a home can be, as with any great piece of art, a work  in progress and Jim Riley encourages changes during the course of  construction. He loves to add creative touches to all of his homes and  will work with the projects architect to make any changes happen  effectively and timely. This ensures, that come move in time, his  clients have a unique and spectacular home that is a reflection of their  personalities and tastes

Jim Riley insists to a hands-on approach  building style. If he is not on site all day with his belt on, he is  sure to be there for several hours a day ensuring that no small detail  is overlooked. He never takes on more than two projects at one time,  ensuring that his concentration is keen to the vital tasks and decisions  that accompany keeping a home on schedule and to true to its vision. He  feels that with the attention to detail needed to create the caliber of  home his clients hired him to deliver; they deserve his dedicated  attention to their project.